Let's say you want to write.

You need ink. I've got ink.
May I have a bottle, you ask. 

Not so simple. See ink is messy.
You may get your clothes dirty. 
What if you decide to play
Spill the bottle. 

I have a better suggestion
You come over to my spot. 
I've got a nice table, a pot full of ink
And plenty of paper too. 

You write to your heart's content 
Write all you want
At the end of the day
You leave your paper behind. 

Here I keep them safe
In a locker
You may visit them anytime. 
Make any changes
Read and trash them too

While I save a copy
Lest you change your mind
Just remember to always 
Leave your paper behind. 

What kind of a perversion is that?
That my Lady is 
Software as a Service.