Offline Online Abstract
Connected offline spaces Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

FreeCodeCamp Offline

We're running a program called which is a 2 week free program to get started with learning how to code. 2 weeks is a very short duration to be able to turn you into a coder but it's a start. Our goal from the program is to give you a taste for programming and give you exposure on next steps for learning web development and how to start applying for jobs. 

One of the main tasks that people do during the 2 weeks is work towards getting their Basic Data Stucture and Algorithms Certification on FreeCodeCamp. Recently one of our mentors told me that the FreeCodeCamp website was down. That they were upgrading their curriculum and it would probably take 2 days to be able to bring it back up. Something about that statement was weird. Although I was excited about a new project based curriclum 2 days seemed like an awful long time for the transition.

On closer look I found out what the heck was going on FreeCodeCamp servers. It was heartening the extraordinary level of commitment when Quincy assures us that FCC will never go down. Even if it means 

 I would go get some other job and pay for the servers myself.

- Quincy Larson

This makes me wonder if FreeCodeCamp has to be a web based service that needs to be accessed from the same central servers. Can FreeCodeCamp be hosted on something like IPFS? While we think on how we can make FreeCodeCamp work offline there is a different interpretation for offline FCC that I am excited about. 

A dedicated physical offline space for people to come and work on FreeCodeCamp and learn programming. That's what is all about. We're looking to start a dedicated space for this. 

More updates soon...