Making Computers Personal Again

The computer stopped being personal. Most of the apps I use on my computer today is on the browser. The data I create and view just rests somewhere else. It's anything but personal. Even development is moving to the cloud with @replit and @glitch

What's the problem? Data silo-isation, lack of insight into your own data, privacy...

The only way out is for everyone to have a personal computer on the cloud. This computer manages all identity, data and communication with the world. 

Everyone already has a personal @Dropbox or @googledrive i.e storage. But just storage isn't a computer. We need to bring processing and RAM to everyone. 
This will not only empower individuals to own all their data and bring privacy but also finally free up developers from the whole dev-ops saga. Not kubernetes or even render. This is truly going serverless for the developer. Developers can focus on building experiences/views over data. What are the features that this personal computer need to have? 

Open source
Permissive license
Shared Database across apps (perhaps using @SolidMit + @GraphQL )
Web server
Task Runner / Queue
Automator like Zapier 
Who's already working on this? 
@urbit @SandstormIO @cozycloud @inrupt 

@urbit : A completely different universe with it's own stars. Complete with it's own OS, Networking protocol. Seems to have the steepest learning curve for developer adoption. 

@SandstormIO : A project perhaps ahead of it's time.  Crowdfunded on @Indiegogo by the visionary @KentonVarda back in 2014. The project moved to being community run in 2017. They support one click installations of @gitlab @RocketChat. That said it looks like @SandstormIO needs more dev support, adoption and most importantly funds. 

@cozycloud : "Built in France not in California". Featured open source apps, built in-house. A password manager, a Google Drive alternative, A notes app, and an app to manage bank accounts. The platform is open source and can be self hosted. Free for upto 5GB. @cozycloud Could do with more developer adoption. Impressive project all. Very early stage and seems to be using a docker centric approach for applications. According to them they're in "dire needs of extra development hands".

Overall both as an end user as well as well as a developer I would love to see some consolidation here. This will help drive more developers and in turn end users. Monopolies aren't all that bad? 

I wonder if @GraphQL centric personal cloud computer can be built. It already has a ton of developer adoption, a foundation driving standard. Porting existing apps should be relatively easy. @HasuraHQ are you listening? 

The space is still quite new. I believe has the potential to change SaaS as we know today and can make data ownership and privacy default and by design. 

Who's positioned to be successful and can get into this space? 
No-code platforms, cloud companies. So @airtable @Firebase @awscloud @Azure @HasuraHQ @render @heroku